2 BOS Automotive Products Requirements

2A.  Supplier Selection

2A.1.  ISO/TS16949:Latest Version

2A.2.  e-Business Capabilities

2A.3.  New Supplier Evaluation and release process

2A.  Supplier Selection

2A.1.  ISO/TS16949:Latest Version

BOS Automotive Products' goal for all suppliers of materials and services affecting production material is to demonstrate compliance to ISO/TS 16949:latest version. Suppliers shall also comply with BOS Automotive Products Quality Requirements as defined in this document, also to be found at the supplier portal:  

Suppliers to BOS Automotive Products shall be third party certified to ISO9001 or ISO/TS 16949:latest version. This is consistent with BOS's customer expectations, and ISO9001:latest version is seen as the first step in becoming ISO/TS 16949 certified.  The scope of this requirement affects subassembly, sequencing, sorting, rework and calibration services in addition to direct material suppliers.

Suppliers, with manufacturing capability, shall continue on to ISO/TS 16949:latest version third party registration by submitting a plan with details including internal self-appraisals and the name of the third party registrar body. A plan to achieve certification shall be submitted to your respective Commodity Buyer and Supplier Development Engineer. 

BOS Automotive Products recommends for its suppliers to continue using the latest Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) versions of the Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan (APQP), Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Measurement System Analysis (MSA), Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), and Statistical Process Control (SPC) manuals as guidelines for their system development.


For these publications, visit

The VDA requirements as specified in manuals one to nine are also acceptable.

For these publications, visit

2.A.2.  e-Business Capabilities

Supplier Portal address: then go to heading Supplier Electronic Commerce requirements

It is our strategy that all our suppliers have the capability to interface with BOS with a traditional EDI package.  Thus allowing any updates, new releases, system changes, etc. will be communicated to our suppliers by the BOS Supply Chain Management and Purchasing organisations.

This includes the ability to receive releases and send ASN’s. All of our initiatives, policies, and transaction sets comply with the guidelines set forth by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) / VDA.     

All suppliers must develop a contingency plan for their primary EDI system. This allows us to keep both product and information flowing if the primary system fails for any reason. 

To inquire about the specific details of using EDI with BOS, please utilise the forms –

          ·   Communications Data for Data Transmission with Suppliers via OFTP according to VDA 4905/06/07/08/13/15
    ·   Communications Data for CAD Data Transmission via OFTP according to VDA 4914/2

 Both are available within supplier portal at . Should a supplier wish / or is required to have EDI then the forms shall be completed and forwarded to:

 All logistical requirements can be found in the Supplier Portal within the document titled “Logistical Terms” this provides a comprehensive guideline in to such subjects as Communications Matrix, Electronic Data Interchange / EDI, Supplier Requirements, Delivery Schedules / Call-Offs, Explanatory Notes Regarding Delivery Schedules, Under- / Over-Shipments, Transportation and Material and Information Flow Emergency Concept.

2A.3.  New Supplier Evaluation and release process

Potential suppliers are released internally after a quality process audit and/or a technical process audit depending on the perceived risks to BOS.



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